Tanks, mixers, dryers and reactors can be heated or cooled using half-pipe coils, pipe coils, double jackets or THERMOPLATES . The half-pipe coil in general use is mounted on the tank jacket from the outside and welded using TIG welding on an automatic welding machine. Tank heating using a pipe coil can be carried out both from the outside and the inside. Tube coil heating is used primarily in tank interiors and the tube coils can be single or multiple spiral. Double jacket tanks with a complete or partial second jacket can be designed for all basic conditions. For structural reasons, the jackets can be connected to one another by rings, restricted guidance or spacers. Rohrleitungsbau Süd offers the following systems for heating and cooling tanks:

Thermoplates are laser-welded double jackets which are pumped up after the tank is produced. This produces tank walls which enable heating / cooling of the interior over a large surface area.

  • Double jackets
  • Thermoplates