Special Logistic


We regard ourselves as a full service provider for industrial processing plants, engineering, production and assembly. In order to optimize production processes, these plants, tanks, driers, columns and reactors are becoming increasingly bigger and heavier. The limiting factor in this case is internal and external logistics.

We at ROHRLEITUNGSBAU SÜD will be pleased to tackle all logistical problems and find the ideal solution on land, on water and in the air with the aid of our many years of experience. We have carried out special transports up to a width of 6 meters as well as transports with inland waterway vessels to the planned sea port and overseas transports.



Our products leave our factory in a technically perfect condition with optimum surface quality. Depending on the type of transport and distance involved, it is necessary to protect our large, high-quality products with suitable packaging.

We use the following packaging materials for this:
• Film packaging
• Tarpaulin covers
• Pallets
• Wooden platforms and boxes for overseas transport
• Containers for overseas transport